Citizen Participation Network: 1st free online seminar tomorrow

The Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University has initiated a new series of online seminars around Citizen Participation in place development. Aim of this series is to consolidate an existing network of experts, collect ideas, methods and best practices of Citizen Participation internationally, but also to discuss both conceptual and institutional limitations in its implementation. Whilst some seminars will take place in other languages, the conclusions of each seminar will be published in English on the IPM blog ( By the end of the series, we will have a collected body of knowledge that will assist both researchers and practitioners in thinking about and implementing Citizen Participation.

First seminar, Tuesday October 20th

The first seminar will take place on Tuesday October 20th, 4.00 – 5.30pm (BST). We are happy to announce we have confirmed the speakers for the event:

Charles Campion, Partner at JTP
Dr Mark Hammond, Senior Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture
Prof Ares Kalandides, Director at IPM
Eleanor Radcliffe, Researcher at CLES


Who should participate in Citizen Participation Network online seminars?

The seminars are for anybody interested in Citizen Participation in place development – researchers, practitioners, elected officials, place managers and citizens.

Is there a fee for the Citizen Participation Network online seminars?

The seminars are free of charge. You can consider becoming a member of the Institute of Place Management and joining an international network of experts. You can find more about membership here:

Who are the speakers of the Citizen Participation Network online seminars?

Speakers will include researchers and practitioners with extensive experience on issues of Citizen Participation around the world. The seminars will be moderated by Prof Ares Kalandides.

When will the Citizen Participation Network online seminars take place?

For 2020 we have planned two series: The international one (in English) will start 20th October 2020 and a second one (in Greek) started on 13th September. The second international seminar (in English) is planned for 25th November.

How can I join the Citizen Participation Network online seminars?

Whilst the seminars are free of charge, registration is necessary. The registration link for this seminar is is:

How can I find out more?

Please visit the IPM site  to find out more about the work of the Institute and the IPM Blog for articles on Citizen Participation: